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Safe Hands Interpreting Ltd is a family run, specialised British Sign Language interpreting agency.


Adam and Natasha started learning Sign Language in 1992 when they both were attending college in Derby. Both started learning for very different reasons, a question worth asking them if you ever get the chance.

After completing level 1 & 2 very quickly they both started working as CSW's for Derby College for Deaf people in 1995. Adam and Natasha always had a desire to improve the support they provided for the Deaf students and continued their own education leading them to become fully qualified interpreters. Adam qualified in 2003 and Natasha in 2011, only delayed due to maternity leave and raising 3 children.

Safe Hands Interpreting was established in 2009 when Adam left his role as an in house interpreter at a national agency after 6 years and decided to become freelance.


Adam realised quite quickly, although reluctantly, that setting up a limited company was vital as he was receiving so many requests for work and was unable to fulfill these on his own. Adam had registered with lots of agencies as many new freelancers do and quickly became disillusioned with the very different working practices and standards displayed by many of them. Also, local, informal networks between interpreters, as well meaning as they were, did not lend themselves to any sort of consistent level of  quality support for the community at large.


The name 'Safe Hands Interpreting' was thought up by Tash as she had started working part time as a freelance interpreter as well as working for a local community agency and felt that she wanted to be known as an interpreter people could trust and one that they would be in 'safe hands' with. She lovingly allowed Adam to use the name for the new business.

Tash joined Adam in the business full time in 2015 when the business had expanded even further, requiring the need of another full time interpreter as well as all the freelance interpreters regularly used to fulfill assignments.

Adam and Tash are highly experienced interpreters and have expertise in all areas of Sign Language interpretation.

Before setting up Safe Hands Interpreting as well as being experienced and skilled in all areas of interpreting work, Adam had already specialised in all areas of legal interpreting and Tash in community interpreting. They both continued to develop their skills and both are now also specialised in logistics and office interpreting.

adam .jpg
Adam Redfern

Fully Qualified Sign Language Interpreter and Company Director.

When not interpreting or teaching personal protection, Adam loves to spend time with his family, serving within his Church, watching the mighty Rams.. Derby County with his son, playing basketball and football, playing all sorts of tabletop and board games, modeling and painting models and scenery, reading a good fictional book, watching films and spending time in the great outdoors.

Tash Website.jpg
Natasha (Tash) Redfern

Fully Qualified Sign Language Interpreter and Company Director


When not interpreting, Tash loves spending time with her family, trying out new recipes, going for walks, watching a good film, visiting new places and learning about new cultures and generally relaxing.


All of the team of freelancer interpreters used by the business to undertake assignments on our behalf are individually vetted by both of us.


Our priority is always to use fully qualified and registered interpreters with the NRCPD with their own comprehensive public liability insurance from either ASLI or VLP.


We also always have a priority that those who work on our behalf are people we think are nice people to work with as well as being professional and skilled interpreters.


All of our team are registered with the NRCPD and follow professional codes of conduct.

We as a company always ensure working for Safe Hands Interpreting is an overall rewarding experience as an interpreter as well as a successful one for a client.

You can find some of their words below.

I thoroughly enjoy working for Safe Hands, their commitment to providing an excellent service is second to none. Always very responsive and informative on assignments. Invoices are always paid on time. All round a great agency to work for.

Emma Phillips, Registered Sign Language Interpreter RSLI



I have worked for Safe Hands as a freelance interpreter for almost 5 years and I can’t think of a better service to work for. They are supportive, professional, and for me most importantly, approachable. Adam and Natasha always provide more than enough information before assignments and are always at the end of the phone if you need them. They offer a variety of workplace assignments, with excellent co-workers when required and payment is always on time.

Hayley Beckett, Registered Sign Language Interpreter RSLI



I have been working for Safe Hands Interpreting for 3 years.  Adam and Tash are very efficient in, where possible, arranging jobs 3 months in advance. This enables both me to arrange my upcoming work and it also provides consistency for the deaf clients we work with. They are very supportive both within the workplace and as a fellow interpreter with a friendly ear if needed. I feel a valued member of a great team!

Natalie Gallagher, Registered Sign Language Interpreter RSLI



I love working for Safe Hands they are a Professional family based Interpreting agency that really care about the Deaf Community and the Interpreters that work for them. They always go the extra mile to ensure all bookings are covered and they are always at the end of the phone if you need them. 

Rowena Gordon, Registered Sign Language Interpreter RSLI



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