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From Interpreters to Employers & Employees, striving to facilitate the best training possible. All bespoke to your needs.

We provide a wide range of training for Interpreters, Employers and Employees.


CPD training for interpreters is an important part of any interpreters year and we here at Safe Hands provide realistic, useful training that is relevant to today's interpreting world.


Training that we offer to interpreters throughout the year includes, but is not exclusive to:

Lone Working, interpreting in a police setting, interpreting police interviews, effective co-working, logistics interpreting, domain specific training and others. 

We also offer other CPD activities such as scenario discussions, dilemma discussions, working as a freelancer and others.

For employers and employees we offer Deaf Awareness training and basic sign language training bespoke to your business for those wanting to increase the accessibility of their work place for Deaf clients and staff.

To find out more contact us at:

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