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Expertise in all areas of Sign Language Interpreting.

Our team will help you receive the best advice possible as well as the best service we offer for all your interpreting needs.

We are at our core a Sign Language Interpreting agency ran by two experienced Sign Language Interpreters.

We provide qualified and registered BSL/English sign language interpreters to undertake all varieties of work covering all areas of the country.

Our aim is to provide the best service possible for our Deaf & hearing clients so that all people know they really are in Safe Hands with us.

Contact us on the below email for all enquiries.

You may wonder if you need an interpreter or even if you are legally obliged to provide one. Hopefully the information below will help you regarding these questions.

In what settings and when are Interpreters used?

Deaf people need an interpreter whenever communication is taking place that you or they need assistance with and it is their right to access that information.

For example (not an exhaustive list):

At work for meetings, briefs, training, phone calls, job interviews etc.

Accessing the National Health Service i.e Hospitals, GPs, out patients, clinics and other NHS services.

In Education, schools, colleges, apprenticeships and universities.

Council services such as attending a public meeting or council appointment, events and concerts etc.

All legal matters including Police stations, solicitors consultations, attending court including Civil and Family as well as criminal.

All other providers of services such as Banks, funeral services etc.

If you are a Deaf person, a business or organisation looking to book an interpreter please email us and we will endeavor to assist in any way we can. There are a few questions that you will be asked so it is worth having as much of these details to hand as you can. These questions are important and the more you can answer the better. (We adhere to GDPR so all information will be kept in accordance).

When is the assignment?  Dates and times are important.
Where is the assignment? The address of the office or place where you need the interpreter.
Why do you need an interpreter? The purpose of the booking, e.g. meeting, training or supervision.
Who is the service for? The name of the Deaf person and explain who else will be attending.
What else can you provide to assist us? Additional details will help you get the most suitable interpreter.

Two interpreters may be required for assignments over 2 hours in length.

All of our interpreters have RSLI after their name and this refers to being a member of the Register of Sign Language Interpreters, held by the NRCPD (National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People).

These interpreters have agreed to abide by a code of conduct and complaints procedure. They will have professional indemnity insurance and identification cards. RSLI’s will also have a current police check (DBS).

All of our interpreters carry their NRCPD ID badge which looks like the YELLOW picture below. A PURPLE card of the same design and title would be a 'Trainee' interpreter although we do not provide any trainee interpreters from our service.

Any other badge carried or shown by any Sign Language Interpreter will be membership of another organisation and NOT NRCPD.

What rights do deaf people have to an interpreter?

The Equality Act 2010:  service providers must make “reasonable adjustments” to ensure they are fully accessible, including providing an interpreter.

NHS guidelines on the provision of interpreters within the Health Service: “Doubly Disabled Equality for Disabled people in the new NHS Access to Services”, NHS Executive (1999), clearly states that only registered Interpreters should be used.

Police, Courts & other Legal Agencies:  Only registered interpreters should be used for legal bookings as per guidelines.

Again, contact us for all enquiries.

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